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PayPal credit

New Community Member

PayPal credit

Hi recently got PayPal credit . And bought a item. Made a £40 payment on my PayPal credit . But the item I bought the seller gave me a full refund . So I have full credit on my account . But PayPal credit have taken the £40 payment out of my bank . How do I get it back please . Any help much appreciated thanks.

Re: PayPal credit

Hi @redandproud,


I'm sorry for any confusion. If you have initiated a payment to your PayPal Credit account, that payment would go through even if a refund were made back to your PayPal credit account. If you now have an overpayment on your PayPal Credit account, please contact PayPal Credit customer service to discuss the reimbursement of the funds. You can find the number at the bottom of this FAQ.


I hope this can be resolved swiftly!




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