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PayPal credit interest


PayPal credit interest

I have a PayPal credit account which I’ve been using for about 2.5 months now. I’ve been paying the minimum payment fees only each month and I’ve not been being charged interest, however I read that you will only not be charged interest if you pay your full outstanding balance each month. I’d also like to make it clear that these purchases are not part of the ‘spend £99 get interest free for 4 months’ as the purchases are for lesser amounts than that. Can someone clarify for me how this all works, as I’m now worried I’m suddenly going to be charged a large amount of interest

Re: PayPal credit interest

Hi @tt_1,


I'm sorry that there is confusion regarding the way that the interest is charged for the PayPal Credit interest free promotional balance after the promotion period is up. This FAQ is a good source of information regarding PayPal Credit. For anything not covered by the FAQ, please contact the number at the bottom and a PayPal Credit representative will be happy to help!




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