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PayPal credit doesn't work AT ALL


PayPal credit doesn't work AT ALL

I was approved for a 3000 credit.line. was able to make ONE $122 TRANSACTION. Waited for my statement.. paid it off and IT STILL DOES NOT WORK!!!! Takes me to a fill out a credit card screen.. wtf kind of joke is this.??? This is REDICULOUS


Re: PayPal credit doesn't work AT ALL

Hi Nothappy100, 


I can understand why that would be frustrating if you're not able to use your PayPal Credit account. 


It sounds like the accounts may not be connected properly if you're unable to see it as a payment option. Do you see it on your PayPal account to where you can see your credit limit? It may be best to reach out to our phone support team so they can provide direct assistance. You can obtain our contact information by going to the 'Help & Contact' section at the bottom of the PayPal webpage.