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PayPal Credit Purchase Cannot Be Processed


PayPal Credit Purchase Cannot Be Processed

I've been trying to purchase a quite expensive item on eBay well over the $99+ promotion offer and every time I get an error saying "You application can't be processed. We're sorry but you won't be able to use PayPal Credit for this purchase. Please choose another payment method."


I just signed up for PayPal Credit yesterday thinking I could use it but I've been denied every time. The seller is US based like myself and does accept PayPal Credit as a payment method. This is getting quite frustrating and if I knew it would be this difficult I probably would've never have opened a PayPal Credit account.


Has anyone had this issue before or know of some way to fix this?

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Re: PayPal Credit Purchase Cannot Be Processed



Since your account is new and just signed up yesterday, you'll need to make some successfully completed transactions (no disputes) with your own money so the system has something to go on whether to offer you PayPal Credit on a purchase or not.


they're not going to let you buy an expensive item right off the bat without some transaction history since opening the account to gauge the likelihood of risk. PayPal reserves the right to restrict use of the credit line depending on the circumstances of your transaction. it is recommended that you use a linked payment method to pay instead if paypal credit is not offered or approved as funding source for the transaction.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂