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PayPal Credit - Negative Balance


PayPal Credit - Negative Balance


I have recently received a refund from a vendor (Ticketmaster for a cancelled show) that has put my PayPal credit balance into a negative figure. Shortly before this, I made a large (four figure) payment to my account as a number of purchases were approaching the end of their interest free period. 

Is there a way of accessing this 'negative' balance or will it sit there until I have cause to use PPC as a payment option in the future? Ideally, I would like to refund it to my bank account. It was only last week I made the large payment to my account (still actually showing as pending but the balance has been updated) and of course, I would not have paid as much if I had known this discount was in the pipeline.

Thank you in advance for any advice/recommendations. 

All the best to you/your families in this current situation.