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PayPal Credit/Bill Me Later


PayPal Credit/Bill Me Later

Anyone else being harassed by PayPal Credit/Bill Me Later saying that I bought something a year ago, when I don't have a Credit account with PayPal - never have?


To verify who I am so they "can file a fraud charge" they want me to give them a ton of information, which, if I give it to them, will certainly allow them to set up a fraudulent account and scam me out of stuff for real.  I can't figure out how to find out if they are legit. 


Re: PayPal Credit/Bill Me Later

Hello rogerman,


Thanks for reaching out to the PayPal Community for answers about this issue. I certainly appreciate your need for security and the fact that you wouldn't want to provide sensitive information to an unconfirmed party. That is certainly the right move! The following link is for the PayPal Credit FAQ page and their contact number is near the bottom:


I'd recommend calling them to ensure these attempts are legitimate.

- PayPal_Rich

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