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Over budget

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Over budget

I’m trying to buy a tool box that’s about £40 more than my credit limit and £60 overall through the credit scheme is there anyway to make up the difference as I’m buying from eBay and want to use pay pal but they’ve not given me a other enough budget! I know that I can pay the tool box off within 5-6 months as I earn enough but pay pal won’t credit me enough??
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Re: Over budget



Sorry, if PayPal Credit won't extend the credit or let the charge through and let you go over limit, you can't use PayPal Credit.


You can do split payments with PayPal balance and back up it by your linked credit card that's under your name (had to add this because folk be trying to add/link someone else's credit card and that's a no-no).

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂