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Open account

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Open account

On all my credit reports, I have an open, current, open standing $8,000 pay pal credit account (I’ve never used or known I’ve had this until recently doing my own investigation into my credit report), although I am unable to use it. Whenever I log into my PayPal account, it invites me to apply for a PayPal credit account, not use my current open account. I’ve called, no resolution - and the person I spoke to was very condescending and rude, spoke to me like I was a complete moron. She advised me to go in a merchant who accept PayPal Credit and try that way - I did that , and the same thing happened, invited me to apply. Can anyone help me????
PayPal Employee

Re: Open account

Hi @niccilove, we apologize for this inconvenience!


To resolve this issue please reach our PayPal Credit Team to fix this case. Here's How to reach PP Credit Team and PayPal Credit Process.

HHope this helps!