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Need Help


Need Help

So I’m new to PayPal I was approved for PayPal credit and I had to go through the verification over the phone my call ended up dropping twice messing up my verification process and had to wait 48 hrs for security question to regenerate so I waited I went through the process and passed the security questions I sent in 2 documents that were needed as well well my phone died after I received the email letting me know what documents were needed so I used my sons phone to take and send pics through email my dumb butt forgot to sign out of his gmail so the documents were sent from his email come to find out .... I called PayPal security to inform them of the mishap the lady acted like it wasn’t a problem....What’s your opinion? Thanks

Re: Need Help

Hi GeorgeLee412,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community forum!


In general, if our Customer Service agent reported that it would not be an issue, I would not worry!