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Money on hold for more tha 180 days!


Money on hold for more tha 180 days!



I have very big problem. I was sold something throught Grailed for 3.300$. After this PayPal limited my account for 180 days and hold all funds associated with this transaction. I received 5 star feedback and buyer is very happy with the item. This was been more than half year ago.


The problem is that money is now on hold for more than 180 days, today is 193th day from account limitation and i still didnt receive any E-mail from PayPal how to tranfer funds. I also wanted to cantact PayPal throught phone but phone lines dont working during Covid-19. I wrote him and E-mail, but i just get back autamatic generated massege that my account is limited for 180 days, but when I reply him that TODAY IS 193th DAY. I dont get any further resonse.


Please for help im very frustrated about this and i cant sleep because im affraid that PayPal will not allow to access my money.