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Modern Slavery And data theft from the new identity check system

New Community Member

Modern Slavery And data theft from the new identity check system

From my experience PayPal members are using software infiltrations to semi and permanent block certain peoples log ins and are trying to blame it on the system. Which is a bunch of lies because apparently they fixed it and then it randomly comes back for certain members. I have a mobile pin for authentication and I have a customer service pin for authorisation. Instead I was taken through a process where I’d I did not agree to an illegal credit check in my name and credit taken out in my name in a different country they would not unlock my account. My account was not locked on this particular phone call yet as soon as he had finished the credit check questions my account was sure as hell locked. That is the very thing of an example of modern slavery discrimination and corporation fraud. It’s also an illegal breach of data abd ownership rights and people should be weary either of their calls being intercepted and redirected also be careful of irregular requests to be out on hold 


Yours Truly 

Mr NGB Dobson


New Community Member

Re: Modern Slavery And data theft from the new identity check system

My account which was opened in 2008 has been swapped out after being upgraded to PayPal credit with over £100000 credit facility and it shows on my live credit report new credit agreement as the equivalent original website is still operational and there are other sites that operate with the same Credit Bureau live link software. So let me recap


my account was fine 2008 Was opened I spoke to an advisors and my account was credit PayPal upgraded over the phone without my permission it was then lifted off my virtual profile and moved elsewhere and I have an account from 2920. Now in place. So the advisor himself has stolen my account after illegally pretending to be me with my passport document and proof of arrests. 

I hear you legally and bindingly request the return of my data and my intellectual property assets held on both the Equidax data base and the PayPal international operating systems in this community forum which is officially monitored because I myself am operating on the system therefore leaving lots and lots and lots of cookie crumbs 


your truly and Indefinitely


Lord Master

Mrr NGB Dobson