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Letter from PayPal Credit - Payment Past Due


Letter from PayPal Credit - Payment Past Due

Today in the mail I received a letter from PayPal Credit informing me that they have not received payment of the past due amount for my account.  But I don't have a PayPal Credit account (that I know of!) and my PayPal account otherwise looks normal with no activity logged to it.  The letter is from Synchrony Bank in Orlando FL.  It indicates the last four digits of my supposed PayPal Credit account (which is unfamiliar) but doesn't otherwise provide any information about what the past due amount is and only provides a phone number to call for payment options.  I read from another Google search that PayPal doesn't send letters and will only contact through email/text messages, so I suspect a scam.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Re: Letter from PayPal Credit - Payment Past Due



Yeah could be a scam. Would be good to inform the US Postal Inspector of this at your local post office.

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Re: Letter from PayPal Credit - Payment Past Due



The lender for Paypal Credit accounts is Synchrony Bank. I would suggest contacting them directly to ensure that an unauthorized account wasn't opened with your information. You can locate the contact information for Synchrony Bank here