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Illegal, unauthorized transactions


Illegal, unauthorized transactions

I have autopay set up the ONLY deduct a set amount I set each month. Despite this, PayPal has taken it upon ITSELF to deduct $397, which on SSI as my ONLY income, put me in a severe hardship because it means I cannot now pay RENT and utilities. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS charge at all whatsoever and would NOT BECAUSE it would put me and my toddler on the streets. They've also, DESPITE my paying SOMETHING each month, have decided to take it upon THEMSELVES to report the account to the credit bureaus. Again, illegal. I'm not nor can I be garnished as my ONLY income is SSI. And, PayPal did NOT have legal orders to take more than what I'm giving them each month. When I try to file an online dispute, I keep getting an error message. So they're not even TRYING to resolve this but rather took the illegal and immature way out.

Re: Illegal, unauthorized transactions

Hi @FrustratedlyAng,


I am sorry to see this has happened. I would suggest you contact our support immediately so they can take urgent action. You will find your local contact details in the Help section of your account. I am sure there is an explanation as to why this has happened.