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How to apply for Covid-19 payment holiday


How to apply for Covid-19 payment holiday

I just keep going round in circles trying to apply for the payment holiday due to covid-19, has anyone had any success and how did you do it please?

Re: How to apply for Covid-19 payment holiday

Have posted this a few times so passing on the info to yourselves as well...


You can request a 3 month payment holiday for your PayPal Credit


I couldn't get any reply through the Message Centre so called the <removed> customer service number, which just has a recorded message asking to call <removed> from your landline.


If you call that number (<removed>) and have problems getting through to speak to the right department with all the automated options (it kept misunderstanding me...), say "Operator" and it should transfer you to an actual person.


They sorted out a 3 month holiday on payments for me there and then. Others seem to have had success with it too.


Hope that helps.