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How to accept payment by Paypal Credit?

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How to accept payment by Paypal Credit?



I've just sold an item on eBAY (value £350) and the buyer wants to pay by Paypal Credit and is asking me to enable this on my PayPal account.


I can't find any way to do that, and all the help info seems to be from the buyer's viewpoint rather than the merchant's.


I'm wondering if it's not an option for merchants with personal accounts?  I'm not in business and just selling some stuff after downsizing.


If I can enable it, I assume that there is no risk to me as a merchant and it would just come through as a normal payment?  So Paypal take any credit risk, right?


Any advice or suggestions, please?


Many thanks


New Community Member

Re: How to accept payment by Paypal Credit?

Just experienced this same problem as a buyer, ebay and paypal have both been unable to identify the problem. It's almost as if randomly paypal credit chooses not to work for some listings, even when advertised as a promotion on the listing. I actually applied and was approved for a listing and then was immediately unable to use paypal credit to pay for the listing. It is a trap.

(note able to use the same paypal credit on other sites)


Re: How to accept payment by Paypal Credit?

Hello @TonyWd, @MaverickpLEW


Great question! Whether or not PayPal Credit is available for the buyer and accepted by the seller is dependent on the countries the two parties live in. As long as they are in the US or UK, both should be OK. You don't have to enable anything special on your account to accept that payment since you won't know the funding source. It will just look like any other payment for you. Only the buyer will know it's being funded by PayPal Credit.


Hope that clears everything up!


 - Jon K

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