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Constant PayPal Credit Issues


Constant PayPal Credit Issues

(typing all this for the second time as it was immediately removed as spam.)


I applied for PayPal credit, getting approved with a two thousand dollar limit. I am unable to purchase anything on eBay because of "We can't confirm it's you" errors. After three days finally hear back from support. I need to finish verifying my identity. I do that, and they say everything is good to go. I try again and am hit with the same errors, along with many others, such as "We're Sorry, things don't appear to be working at the moment," 

"Sorry, your MASTERCARD-xxx, and BILL_ME_LATER, are not accepted, please add another card to complete your payment," and "Sorry, we can't offer you PayPal Credit right now. Please select another funding source to complete your purchase." Even still getting "We can't verify it's you" errors occasionally, on other sites like Best Buy. Even after full verification.

I called synchrony, who transferred me to the PP security dept. Who pretty much said my purchases are probably being blocked because the security system thinks they're shady, and there's no way around this. I tried many different items from many different sellers and major brands, so I find it hard to believe all of eBay is shady. But here we are, no way to use PP credit, a useless hard inquiry on my credit, and an upcoming trip. 

Any ideas?