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Cannot Redeem Cash Rewards - Website Issue


Cannot Redeem Cash Rewards - Website Issue

I am trying to redeem the cashback rewards I have accumulated on my PayPal MasterCard, but I cannot do it through the website.


Whenever I go to my credit card account on the Synchrony Bank website, there is no place under "Rewards & Offers" where I have the option to redeem my cashback rewards. There are only two options under "Rewards & Offers" tab on the menu: 1) Your Fico Score and 2) Offers (see the first image I included below).


When I click on "Offers", all I see is a page with a large ad banner on it. No place to redeem my cash rewards (see second image included below).


Furthermore, the website has never given me any information about my rewards balance. I have always had to contact Customer Service just to find out what my rewards balance is. Whenever I navigate to my credit card homepage on Synchrony, there is a message saying that "rewards information is not available at this time, please try again later." This is how it has looked for the past one year (see third image included below).


I have tried going to this page on different browsers with the same result.  Whenever I contact Customer Service, they always tell me the same thing (and I've contacted them more than three times). They tell me to go to the Rewards tab on the Synchrony homepage. When I tell them that it doesn't give me any option to redeem, they always say, "We will escalate this issue to have it resolved in the next 72 hours." And then nothing changes.


I am getting very frustrated that there appears to be no way to use the cash rewards I have rightfully accumulated.


If anyone has any suggestions or has experienced something similar, I would be very appreciative if you could help me. Thank you.





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Re: Cannot Redeem Cash Rewards - Website Issue



I'm going to give you a link to the rewards page, for this specific PayPal credit card.


Only after PayPal redirects you to your credit card account, and you're already logged into it, should you access this link.


If the link doesn't work, try using a different desktop/laptop web browser.


Re: Cannot Redeem Cash Rewards - Website Issue



Thanks for providing the link. However, this also doesn't work. I get the following error message after I've entered the URL you provided:


"We are unable to make the requested updates. Please try again later.
Please go back to Account Summary page Account Summary"


I really think there's something wrong on my account specifically. My spouse has the same exact credit card and has no problem accessing the rewards information.


I have tried doing this on two different browsers (Google Chrome and Internet explorer), as well as two different laptops. I also tried on an iOS device, with the same result.


Re: Cannot Redeem Cash Rewards - Website Issue

I think this “Rewards” thing is a scam. I have never been able to do anything with the program, I am a long time user.
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Re: Cannot Redeem Cash Rewards - Website Issue

I felt exactly the same way. I couldn't get the rewards until I finally contacted the BBB and submitted a complaint about Synchrony Bank and the fact that I wasn't being allowed to redeem my rewards. Finally, someone at Synchrony stepped in and fixed the technical issue for me, and I was AT LAST able to redeem all my cash rewards (it had accumulated up to $300 by then!!!). Overall, I wouldn't say the cash rewards is a scam, because I was eventually able to claim them - but Synchrony sure is not going to make it easy!


I suggest you do the same thing if you're having problems redeeming your cash rewards and Customer Service isn't any help. This might actually get Synchrony to take some action on your behalf: