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Balence transfer question

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Balence transfer question



I would like to transfer a partial credit card balance from one credit card to PayPal credit, mostly just for convenience sake of paying. (I have excellent credit rating). How do I do this? I have tried twice now and the credit card I am transferring from does not recognize the routing number. Thanks in advance


Tim R.

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Re: Balence transfer question



 Unfortunately, PayPal Credit nor PayPal branded credit cards, offer balance transfers.


Re: Balence transfer question

I have the opposite, i would like to clear my balance using a credit card balance transfer, can't do that either i don't think, there's no way i can find to pay off Paypal Credit other than bank account or debit, which i could do bank transfer rather than balance but my will power isn't that great and it may get lost in the void that is my current account lol


Re: Balence transfer question



This is something you should contact PayPal Credit support about.