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Applying For Credit Problems

New Community Member

Applying For Credit Problems

When trying to apply for Paypal Credit, no matter which address i put in (old or new) once i get to the agreement page it says "There's a problem with some of your information. Please review and try again."

I'm not sure what they want? I've changed my address in the system and with the cards, so it's not that. What gives? 

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Re: Applying For Credit Problems



Maybe it is not your address, it could be other information on the form? Or does it specifically say there is a problem with billing address? Maybe problem with phone number?


When applying for PayPal Credit in the US it asks for SSN, and DOB.


PayPal already should have your billing address and Name on PayPal account, and phone number which should all match to your linked card and/or bank accounts.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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Re: Applying For Credit Problems

I'm having the same issue and all of my information is correct. It's ridiculous. I've called PayPal and they just transfer me from department to department and back again because nobody there knows what they're doing.