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Adding money to minus balance

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Adding money to minus balance

I have minus £17.00 in my Paypal and I’m trying to transfer money into my account to resolve the balance but it’s not letting me? So I tried to add a payment but it’s created a direct debit? I don’t understand how it can be a direct debit when it’s a one off payment? It says it can take up to 5 working days too to go in but I need it today. Im so confused and I don’t know what to do, I tried ringing up but the waiting time is like 2 hours.
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Re: Adding money to minus balance



When you add a bank account to paypal it sets up the direct debit mandate so that paypal can take authorised payments for any purchases you make (or pay your Ebay fees). Or if you want to 'add funds' to your paypal balance.
No company eg water/electric can take funds from your bank account on a regular basis without that direct debit.
However the amount shown is always the ''last'' transaction / amount that you paid to a seller via paypal.

Normally Paypal will credit the seller upfront or credit you the funds instantly and paypal will take the wait for the funds to transfer.

BUT they won't take that risk if you have had or have a negative balance so its you that has to take the wait.



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