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0% APR offer not being honored

New Community Member

0% APR offer not being honored

Hello All, I was logged into my account online and saw an offer for me for 0% APR until April 5, 2020. I have only had the card since May 2019 and had never carried over a balance. Because I had the 0% offer, I started carrying over a balance. Unfortunately, customer service said I never received the offer. However, I did a screencapture of it from 11/12/2019.


When I called 12/23/2019, they acknowledged its existence and said they would update it. Since then, I received a new bill with more interest charges. I called again on 01/14/2020 and they said they sent a letter on 01/08/2020 explaining why I would not receive the 0% APR, but they cant pull up the letter from their end. They said that I can not continue to dispute it until I receive the letter. 


This issue is now costing me time and money. Any suggestions? The resolution area does not address this scenario.