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I was charged from this one site called clickdeals24* I can't dispute it and cant find the site where the charge were it was made I hope someone who has had this issue can help me so I can possibly get a refund and stop this before it gets worse? Tha...

PJayee by Contributor
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Can't link bank

I have called Pay Pal too many times to count because they removed my bank as a source of payment and claim they can't do anything about it because it's an internal system. At first, they blamed my bank. My bank said it was a Pay Pal issue. This has ...

terrym2442 by New Community Member
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Withdrawal transaction to my bank which isn't working

Reference number : 0JF290358D4080630 hi I mistakenly transferred the balance of my paypal in the bank accoumt number which isn't working right now. so the transfer will failed and return back for sure. Is there any support of PayPal where I can get h...

Maxpatric by New Community Member
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Problem with issuing a refund

I have issued refunds before and this process seems simple.   Except when the link to issue refunds is no longer appearing.   Is the link changed from the transaction page?  How can I issue a refund without the link to do so?

Can't find transaction ID

Hello! Someone has bought something for 10$ with my PayPal. I've contacted the website and after I explained the issue, they asked my for the transaction ID so they can refund the purchase. However, I can't see that any transaction has been made on m...

B1GG1E_37 by New Community Member
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paypal account not verified

So, I take surveys from Survey Junkie and Qmee When I get 500 points from survey junkie I can redeem $5.00 into my PayPal Account & same with Qmee I have money to redeem to Paypal from both those apps however the other day both apps were indicating t...