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pending payment until delivery - courier isn't updating tracking

HI, I recently sold an item to a buyer over PayPal, he payed (with buyer protection) and I shipped the item. I added tracking info to PayPal and gave him tracking info too. I am aware that if you add tracking info, your funds will be released from pe...

6kram by New Community Member
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Scammer using othes PYPAL accounts

I fell for a romantic scam I thought was genuine until she used her colleague's PayPal account to receive my money. The question I have is can I recover the money sent to their accounts as it was fraudulent obtained? 

GeorgeHN by New Community Member
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Remove an old phone number.

I have 2 Primary numbers and 1 Mobile number. I want to delete (remove) one of the Primary numbers (an old land line). There is no Remove button next to the number I want to remove. Any suggests? Thanks.

BFeltz by Contributor
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WHY does PayPal constantly think I'm on a new device?

I am getting really sick of this. I understand the need for security but this is getting ridiculous. PayPal CONSTANTLY asks me to verify my account, yet I always log in on one of 3 devices; all of which I've been using for years. Sometimes it asks me...

Alami8 by Contributor
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