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Can't find transaction ID

Hello! Someone has bought something for 10$ with my PayPal. I've contacted the website and after I explained the issue, they asked my for the transaction ID so they can refund the purchase. However, I can't see that any transaction has been made on m...

B1GG1E_37 by New Community Member
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paypal account not verified

So, I take surveys from Survey Junkie and Qmee When I get 500 points from survey junkie I can redeem $5.00 into my PayPal Account & same with Qmee I have money to redeem to Paypal from both those apps however the other day both apps were indicating t...

I have a problem in receive my money from

i want to receive my earnings from but they say that my account is not activated or am in a unsupported country (algeria) , So i think that the reason is that i didn't insert a bank account (the last step to setup the account) because i d...

Akrammm by New Community Member
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scam attempt with car sale

I'm selling my car on Gumtree and was contacted about it via text messages, below is the last one. I got suspicious about someone not having a bank app so when start googling, exact same message was reported here in 2020 as well as a couple more with...

the 4 digits to confirm my card

I can't find the 4 digits code in the transaction info on my bank account, what should i do to confirm my card ?

Heeebi by New Community Member
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Transfer from bank account suddenly delayed by a week

Hello! So I transfered money to paypal on the 24th and it said it would arrive the morning of the 30th (today). I just checked and now the previous arrival date is crossed out and has been changed to the 7th of October? Is this a common thing? Any re...

dogtowel by New Community Member
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Buyer address not showing

Been using paypal for a long time, but not lately. When receiving a payment we used to see the address of the person sending it, but not anymore apparently. Is there a way to show it without having to contact the buyer every time ? Do we need to conv...

PierreT2 by Contributor
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Account access

What can I do if I can't log in to my PayPal account? I have moved to another country and I have lost the number I have been using to access my account. I called Paypal Canada and they said they cannot help with accounts created in France with a Fren...

Oumaima95 by New Community Member
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Error loop when trying to link new credit card

Its been a while since ive used PayPal, and the credit card linked to my account has expired. Since the old card was expired i removed it from my PayPal account, before trying to add my new card. However, while trying to link my new card, i get an er...

AlSt9090 by New Community Member
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