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When will PayPal update payment threshold?

PayPal is holding money from me because I have received money for more than $600. The problem is that the IRS changed the rule a week ago for companies like PayPal to delay the 1099-K tax withholding back up to $20,000 and 200 transactions from the l...

NbaEverday by New Community Member
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No refund

Hi. I had unauthorised transactions (paypal credit)and Resolution Centre accepted this and said i would get a refund. It has been around 40 days and no refund yet to my paypal credit account. Ive contacted them several times and getting nowhere. Any ...

Mich751 by Contributor
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Cannot link new Visa card to PayPal

Hello guys, I use PayPal since 2013 and did not have much problems, but my old Visa card expired, and I can't link new Visa to PP.I always see the message "it is declined by bank issuer". Contacted PP and a bank many times this month, but still there...

Why can't I add money to my paypal account?

Hello, I would like to know why can't I add money to my paypal account from my bank account or debit card. Back then I remember there was a button which allowed to put money on my Paypal account but now I can only withdraw to my bank account.Please h...

Csaba88 by New Community Member
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Payment can't be completed due to regulations error

Hello,I am trying to receive a payment from another country, I've got an Albanian account but every time the customer tries to send me the payment he gets the error "Sorry, the payment can't be completed due to regulations."I've already verified my C...

itsDenDen by New Community Member
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My Zettle Reader won't connect to new phone

Hi, I recently upgraded my phone to a Moto RAZR+ from a Samsung 22 Ultra. I can't get the software on the new phone to find the Zettle card reader. I am able to take tap payments, which helps me with compatible credit cards, but I need this to work t...

MCHandyman by New Community Member
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error massage when transferring money from paypal to my card

 i live in georgia and i use a bank here called tbc, i want to move the funds in my paypal account to my card but it won't let me do so and i have tried so many times already. what is the issue with that exactly? because my bank info and card info is...