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using PayPal for competition website

New Community Member

using PayPal for competition website

I've been asked to build a website for a client who is looking to run skill based competitions.

I understand that PayPal cannot be used as a payment gateway for this sort of site unless agreed by PayPal (which I'm guessing won't happen)

However, the site structure is different to most where they just charge per ticket to enter each competition.


This site uses a membership where members pay monthly to join the site. 

Site members are allocated a 'tokens' each month that they can use to enter competitions, alongside other membership functions.


Is this permissible using PayPal to pay for the membership? Or does this go against PayPals rules?

I've so far seen statements about PayPal not allowing to be used for paying to enter competitions, but in this case they are paying for a site membership that is charging for membership and not directly for each game... 


Any advice? PP seem to be difficult to contact to clarify!


Re: using PayPal for competition website

Hi @daihlo1,


Thank you for your post. The purchase of memberships that allocate tokens for entry and the purchase of individual tickets for entry would likely be viewed the same, and either activity would be subject to approval. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.




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