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someone hacked my personal account and changed it to a business account

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someone hacked my personal account and changed it to a business account

Someone hacked my account and changed it to a business account, transferring money from my bank to paypal. Of course I called my bank to stop the transaction and changed all passwords, deleted the added umbers etc. but there are some things, the the business tax ID, that I cant change, how can I get it back to normal?? I cant delete it until the transaction is finalized either

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Re: someone hacked my personal account and changed it to a business account

Dude, this exact thing just happened to me, too! I checked my email today and saw three new emails from PayPal, but they were all in French, and one was addressed to a different name. They said that phone numbers were added successfully, and that my money transfer was on its way.
Needless to say, I freaked out, and I checked my PayPal to see what was up. It was all in French suddenly, so after changing that, I saw that "I" had requested a money transfer from my bank to my PayPal balance.
The transfer request happened yesterday apparently, and it says it's due to be in my balance in a couple days. And I called my bank to have them stop the transfer, but since it had already gone through on their end, there was nothing they could do.
So yeah, I've since changed my password, added the 2-step verification, etc, all of that **bleep**, but in doing so, I saw that it had been changed to a business account, but I don't see anywhere I can click to change it back to personal.
I've deleted the random phone numbers and address (I'm pretty sure), but yeah, there's that **bleep** SSN and tax ID stuff that I can't change without entering my own, which I obviously don't want to do since I don't feel that my account is totally secure yet.

I hate to say this, but in a way I'm glad that it's happening to someone else, too, not just me, because hopefully it can be fixed asap and we can get our money back and get our accounts back to normal.
Ugh. I'm kind of freaking out about this 😞

And of course I tried to file a claim or whatever on that bogus transaction, but it says they can't file a claim about it because it's money I've received, so I have to talk to the sender about it. But technically I'm the sender, so I'm kinda **bleep**ed there.