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hey all

i am new to PayPal i want to make a transaction, but i however have a couple of questions:

1. I am in Cameroon, as i read we are not able to recieve money through PP. if i make a transaction which go wrong, make a claim and win. how willmy money be refunded since we can't recieve money in Cameroon.

2. if i make a payment through PayPal is the money released to the seller after, i confrim reciept of my shipmment? or how am i really Protected because the seller can take the money and close his PayPal account.

3. during dispute management, will discussion over whatsaapp be considered as proves?

4. Do i pay charges when making payments for a purchase online? Or only the seller is charged?



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Re: refund



1. The payment will just be reversed back to your original payment method. It doesn't get deposited to your PayPal account balance.

2. It depends on the seller's account history whether their payment(s) is subject to paypal's 21 day funds availability hold which will require seller to do certain tasks to get their funds sooner: add tracking number/update order status, you to confirm receipt or the seller waits the 21 days for PayPal to release the funds to them without you confirming receipt if you don't report a problem within the 21 day period, although you still have 180 days from date of payment to report a problem. If the receiver is liable for any money to PayPal, they will still be liable even if their account is closed.  Whether you get your refund as a result depends if PayPal will either decide to provide a courtesy refund to you by their sole discretion and dock the seller's account or if the seller issues a refund but the refund failed, PayPal will try to get the money but if they can't for some reason, like they've closed their account, then you won't.

3. It really depends on the type of transaction you are conducting. What is being sold, if it is eligible for buyer protection so sometimes, screenshots may not have an influence but its best to provide as much information as you can and let PayPal decide. I've observed incidents with even screen shot convos provided, people still lose a case.

4. No, the recipient/receiver is responsible for the PayPal fees on goods and services payments.


Please read what transactions are eligible for buyer protection:

7. PayPal Buyer Protection.


There may be other recourses you can take like filing a chargeback with your credit card or small claims court.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂