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receive payments with paypal

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receive payments with paypal

i want to sell something on line and accept paypal. How can someone send me money via paypal?


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Re: receive payments with paypal


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Re: receive payments with paypal

* You can provide the buyer your email address and request that they send you money using the "Goods and Services" option.

* You can create an Add to Cart or a Buy Now item button and include the button on a web page.

* You can send the buyer an email invoice with a detailed description of the item.

* You can share a PayPal.Me link with the buyer.


It's up to you as how you want to sell something.   Sending a buyer an email invoice or having an Add to Cart or Buy Now button on a web page are your better options.   For Seller Protection, ensure that the item you're selling can be shipped, tracked and insured if applicable.   The User Agreement outlines what is covered and what is not.

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