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"split this" ???


"split this" ???

Hi I am trying to find some information about the "Split this" ??? option that is coming up on my eBay purchases???? what does "Include my share mean" ??? & "Deduct your share from the total" ??? and how does it affect me.

I can not seem to find any info on my PayPal about this, I did shoot them a message off, but just got a generic reply on payments.

any help would be well appreciated Smiley Happy

Kind Regards Karen 

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Re: "split this" ???

If it appears as a link and you click on it, it brings you to a pre-filled Request Money page. It's just another way of requesting money.   The intent was you initially paid for the item and now you can ask others to chip in their share.   Like buying a birthday present for a family member and asking the siblings to pay you their share.   (Not sure if there's some system logic behind the scenes that thinks this is something you may want to do but, it does seem to pop up.)

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Re: "split this" ???

Thanks for that,  makes sense just another gimmick then in reality Smiley Happy Smiley Happy