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paypal message

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paypal message



i have receieved a text on my mobile saying


your paypal account has been limited due to some of your recent transactions. to remove your account limitation, click on the link below:


i havent used paypal in months and cant see an account limitation when i just logged in anywhere, however, i am a novice user of paypal so i might not be looking in hte right area.


Is this a paypal message or an attempt at a fraud by someone.


The number has come through as VerifyPayPa on my phone

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Re: paypal message

Seems a bit odd you received a text message - hopefully, you logged into your PayPal Account using your web browser and "not" via any links..  If you did not see any messages in your account concerning the status - then there's a good chance the text was a spoof whereas someone is trying to get your login info.

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