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i received an email notification

New Community Member

i received an email notification

I received an email notification regarding some kind of "unusual activity" on my account which included a date and location.  It has a link to "re-secure" my account.  Is this legit?   When I went onto my account it showed some kind of "shortfall" of a few hundred dollars for September.  Anyone??


Re: i received an email notification

Hi @dbminc,


Uh oh, that definitely sounds like a concern. PayPal very rarely includes links in emails we send, and we don't ask you to click links related to unauthorized activity. First, I would advise you change your password. Next, forward that email to so we can investigate. If there's a transaction on your PayPal account that you don't recognize, you'll want to report it to us for review. Hopefully this helps!


- Ashley M

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