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i have been scammed

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i have been scammed

Hello Michael,
Thank you for contacting Nintendo of America. I'm sorry to hear about the situation you are experiencing. I would like to provide you with some facts that may help with resolving the matter.
Due to preventive measures put in place for CO-19, and in accordance with federal and local guidelines, our fulfillment centers are closed and we are unable to take orders for physical products until further notice. Digital products are still available for purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Our fulfillment centers were closed during the time (05/24/20) you indicated placing an order from a website called "Nintendo Switch Limited. com". This website is not affiliated with Nintendo of America's fulfillment centers, nor can we speak to its business practices.
The following link can be used to alert authorities to instances such as this: Federal Bureau of Investigation 
I hope this information proves useful in resolving this situation for you. We appreciate your understanding.


Nintendo of America Inc.
Trevor K.
this is the letter i got from Nintendo but pay pal wont ask them about it they ask the scammer and it shoes it was shipped so thay wont give me my money and wont take my word for it. i have done many things to get my 219 back from pay pal and it seems they work for the scammers not the working class people. how can they say its a safe way to pay when i fell you would have better odds sending cash over seas and getting what you order. if pay pal would contact the BBB or Nintendo  or the internet fraud place they would see that i was cheated out of my money but i guess they cant afford a phone call to help out the person that was scammed. i will never use pay pal again if i cant get my money back ill just start mailing cash and hoping for the best
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Re: i have been scammed



Typically its on you to do it.


If you claim item not received, PayPal will ask seller to respond with tracking number/proof of delivery. Due to Covid-19 shipping logistics is a nightmare so PayPal may extend the case if necessary. If seller provide proof of delivery, then the system closes case against you.


I suggest you open a case with under PayPal San Jose CA to get PayPal Office of Executive Escalations to review the situation. And file a report with if the seller is fraudulent. Scan and Pdf all the info and attach it to the case at


This is not for PayPal to do. You are making the claim of fraud on this seller, so you have to do it, bring the evidence to PayPal as above if you haven't already done so.


If the item was shipped, where's the tracking number, if any? See if you can track it with your post office and get an intranet report to see if the package was even addressed to you or any other way of fraud.


If you can't do all of this or PayPal is not budging or there is slow response and you paid by credit card, then try contact your card issuer to dispute the payment.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂