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how to retrieve money paid into wrong account


how to retrieve money paid into wrong account

Feb 15th 2018 my vehicle was sold for $380, I was notified by ebay that the money had been deposited by the buyer into my paypal account, I was away from the vehicle so gave permission for the buyer to collect the vehicle.

Upon my return I found out that the money had been deposited into the wrong account, not my account, but the email account of the person where the vehicle was stored. That person died in October 2017, which caused me to remove/sell my vehicle.

I have contacted the buyer and they are not interested in helping anymore, they rightly claim the problem is either ebay's or paypals.

I have contacted ebay on numerous occasions, they claim the problem is paypal's and have closed the case.

I have contacted paypal at least once a week since Feb 2018 but keep getting the runaround emails, I have not been able to speak to a human being, now they claim both the transaction numbers from ebay and paypal do not coincide with mine. I have double checked the numbers and they are still the same numbers I originally received from ebay and paypal.

I do not plan to give up on this matter, it might only be $380 but it is my money and I want it paid into my account.

Are there any legal channels against paypal I can take, small claims court or something like that.

Thanks, Roy Watts

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Re: how to retrieve money paid into wrong account



I think the reason they can't help is that you have 0 seller protection for motor vehicles OR items that are personally collected.

To be fair the buyer would have paid to the email address that was on the Ebay auction so its odd that it wasn't yours if it was your Ebay account?

Also if the email address the funds were sent to belonged to someone that had died then surely that email address would be no longer used and closed so not sure again how it was transfered to that email address.

Sounds very complicated !!

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