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hello My account


hello My account

Hi guys I am worried i keep getting emails from paypal saying to update my information which i did then it asked me for my bank details ...Then i stopped i didnt type that in the only thing i typed was my address and mobile number...will it be ok i never gave my bank details....But i did sign in on that email page and put my password in which i worked fast and actually clicked of open new page and logged in to pay pal and change my pass word straight away...

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Re: hello My account

First rule of emails - never click on any links - if the email is a spoof, that can be an issue.


Always login to your PayPal Account via your web browser direct.  You may want to just to be sure you're safe:

* Forward the entire email to:
* Do not alter the subject line or forward the message as an attachment.
* Delete the suspicious email from your inbox.
* Never click on any links within the email or open any attachments.

Look at the email address domain and wording in the email, grammar, salutation, spelling, etc.  If any of these are questionable, it's most likely a spoof.

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