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why on facebook there are scam selling tools. A dewalt mitre crosscut  worth about 300 $ is only 27 $. and also there a paypal method payment. # years ago i was scamed , and iit was my mistake. But why does paypal continue to let this go on. If it was something else then it will stop , but why not this scam stop. Is paypal really safe to use. or is it an accomplice. ???

                                   john <removed>      from Malta. 

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Paypal does not choose your sellers, you do.

If you choose to buy from China web sites or Scam Social Media ads then that is up to you, paypal will give you 'some' buyer protection but its not an insurance policy so you need to read up on it and then risk assess your own transactions.


I could set up a website in a couple of hours, put on lots of stolen pictures, scam you for lots of money and by the time the claims start rolling in to paypal to show i was a scammer then i would close down and open up another site....if I was in China where there are very few regulations on folks selling fake stuff etc.

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