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email from <removed> sent April 28, 2020

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email from <removed> sent April 28, 2020

Re:  email sent ?by PayPal said, "Cases Opened (action required) (Important Suspicious Activity # Your PayPal Account is Insecure.  Therefore we have temporarily limited your PayPal case 624-191-822-427   PP-ID :3111553100

from PP


Is this email from PP???

I don't understand why PayPal does not have a popup saying "account suspended temporarily tap here" for more info.

I logged in and everything seems fine.  I am still waiting for two orders to come to me.



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Re: email from service@paypal. sent April 28, 2020



That seems like a fake PayPal email. The case numbers don't look formatted like the usual ones PayPal use. Forward it to and then delete the email.


Another clue is when you log on, you see nothing wrong or any alerts or notifications.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂