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ebay return not being refunded

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ebay return not being refunded

I purchased an item through ebay and the item was a fake item , the seller finally agreed to give me a refund, then seller asked for help to ebay for the return, I received a message from ebay through my ebay account that i have to send the item back to the seller and they provide me with a printed label which had a tracking number(which I used to send the item back) they asked me to print another paper with all the info for the refund which i have to put inside the parcel with the goods.

went to post office post the label they gave me a receipt and it shows the tracking that seller has received the item 2 days ago but I am still waiting for my refund, contacted the seller but no responses received and I am very frustrated as its a lot of money for me.

what else shall I do? i have escalated the issue with paypal and they told me that they are waiting for the sellers response with in 10 days, but does Paypal reads all the communication wit the seller and ebay when they decide what to do? and if this is the case why do i have to wait 10 days?

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Re: ebay return not being refunded



They always give the seller 10 days to issue a refund voluntarily and if not then if they have found in your favour Paypal will refund you under their buyer protection policy within 48 hours of that 10 day deadline.

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