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eBay sales

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eBay sales



Ive sold some things on eBay. The money in my Paypal is not representative of the money paid by the eBayer. Do Paypal take fees for eBay sales aswell as eBay Final Value Fees?


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Re: eBay sales

Ebay charges fees and so does PayPal.   Ebay has listing fees, option fees and final sales fees, since you're using PayPal as your payment processor, they also charge a fee.  For example, you have an item you sold for $100.00 plus $8.00 for shipping = $108.00 total

eBay Fees would be $10.80 and PayPal's fees are $3.43 - your balance from the sale is $93.77


There are several 3rd party eBay/PayPal sales calculators on the web you can use to get a better idea of what you would get from sales.   Here's one and here's another


More on eBay fees here.

And PayPal fees here.

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