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changing profile tel numbers

New Community Member

changing profile tel numbers

Ok i received money to my paypal but when I tried to add a bank account it wishes to send me a confirmation text to my mobile. All the numbers on my account are old out of date numbers so I added a new number.Now it wont give the option to use this & its not letting me transfer money.Advice please. TIA. 

PayPal Employee

Re: changing profile tel numbers

Good day @mjhint 


It's really good to know that you have successfully added your new up-to-date mobile number and I am very sorry that you are still not being given an option to use it as far as security code is concerned.


Please follow the steps below if you haven't done it yet.


1. Set you new number as your primary.

2. Delete all the out-dated phone number on the account.

3. Wait for the next 24 hours to reset the system so it will only detect your newly added phone number (but sometimes, logging out and logging back in works, as well as clearing cache and cookies).


Try switching your platform from PayPal app to mobile web browser / from mobile to desktop or computer / and vise-versa.


I hope it works!



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