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cancel order for customer's order mistake

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cancel order for customer's order mistake

I would like to bring something rather urgent to your attention.  When our customers order a product incorrectly, they send us an email and ask for cancellation.  We then refund them in full, however recently we are experiencing PayPal are charging the fee without reversing the PayPal fee back to us, so that money is gone into your pockets.  Why is this happening now and how do we refund customers when they make a mistake or wish to cancel an order.  Well have to date lost 450USD in total due to this happening and I would like this money returned or an explanation as to what is going on!!! This is not ethical PayPal, not when we are already struggling, paying much more in shipping and you are already a taking 4.9% fee!!!!!  Isn't that not enough?  Why do you need to take money that was done via an unsuccessful transaction. I have tried calling but your offices are closed.  Please treat this as urgent as we are in dire difficulty with this happening.  My account is 
Waiting for a prompt and hopeful reply at your earliest convenience.  Please help and advise.
Thank You
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Re: cancel order for customer's order mistake



Paypal no longer return the fee you paid when  you issue a refund as per link below.

You pay the fee as paypal has provided you with the service of processing your initial payment for you and then the refund for you.

If you refund a payment for goods or services, there are no fees to issue the refund, but the fees you originally paid as the seller are not returned to you. 



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