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buyer change of address


buyer change of address

I recently sold an item. I sent the buyer and invoice, They paid it, Then messaged me back right away saying "this is my address" Which didn't match their paypal shipping address. I have three questions: 1) Can the buyer update their address so it will show the correct one before I ship it. 2) if not, Do i have to give them a refund and then another invoice so the address appears correct? 3)If i send a refund am i charged the 3% paypal seller fees?

PayPal Employee

Re: buyer change of address

Hi @678cases 

Thank you for reaching out to the PayPal Community Forum!


1. Omce the payment os Completed, no changes can be made on the shipping address.

2. Yes. Refund the paymemt back to the buyer so you will be eligible for seller protection when the shipping address and where you sent the item to match.

3. The transaction fee will be retained by the system of PayPal.


Hope this helps!

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