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“You Removed Your Casback Bonus”

New Community Member

“You Removed Your Casback Bonus”

Hello! Today I updated my Discover Card because it was about to expire. Then I received an email saying that I removed my cash back bonus. How do I reconnect the card to PayPal? Or is the new, updated card automatically added? Please help! Thank you!

PayPal Employee

Re: “You Removed Your Casback Bonus”



When you update your Discover card's expiry date, you'll need to re-link your Cashback Bonus so you can see and use your Discover rewards on PayPal again.


To do this:

1) First, check that your Discover card (with updated expiry date) is still in the PayPal Wallet.  You can do this by either logging on to and click on the "Wallet" tab, or use the PayPal mobile app, click on the "gear" icon, then select "Banks and Cards".  If you don't see your Discover card there, please add the card again.

2) Click on the Discover card to view details - you should see a links to "Get Started" under a "Start spending Discover Cashback Bonus" ( or "Link your Discover Cashback Bonus" (PayPal mobile app).

3) Click on the link and follow the steps to re-link your Cashback Bonus on PayPal.


Hope that helps.