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Wow .....


Wow .....


Has anyone else got a REALLY good looking fake PayPal "dispute" thing in their email?

I just got one and its a BS one of course from Bed Bath & Beyond for a whole $123.19 .....

I know it's **bleep** but holy crap everything looks amazing in it.


Everything looks like it links properly except for the fake login with a redirect to: <removed>

I just logged in to PP and added in the 2 question thing and added the phone pin ....any other suggestions?


These **bleep** are getting creepy good .....






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Re: Wow .....



There are some very convincing fake PayPal emails. Another way to tell if its a fake email, is by looking at the from address.


You can forward the fake email you received to PayPal. PayPal will take the fake website down. 


Here is a PayPal link with forwarding details.