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Who is responsable for stolen item


Who is responsable for stolen item

Hello friends and thanks for looking at my post. I have a simple question about an item not received. During the current covid crisis the couriers have been knocking on my door with my eBay deliveries standing back and watching me open the door and receive my parcel. However recently certain couriers have just been leaving the parcel on my door step (even when I am at work and not at home) this has always worked (although I am not really happy about it) but a parcel has gone missing. I have contacted the seller who has informed me that the courier alleges they delivered my item and has photographic proof. The photo is just a blurry image which could be anything. I am pretty sure that the courier has once again just left my package on the door step and somebody has stolen it. We have had a spat of this in my area recently. My question is what to do? I am sure the seller is not at fault but I do not have my item. Now the courier will not have a signature neither do they have a decent picture of the parcel on my door step? But why are they leaving expensive items on door steps and just driving away. Seems crazy to me?

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Re: Who is responsable for stolen item



The courier is at fault so you need to take it up with them and claim from them.

Enlist your sellers help in doing so as only they can put in a claim stating item was not delivered correctly.

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