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 Do not buy from the ebay seller, whistlercallove. This freak refuses to answer simple questions regarding details about an item he is allegedly "selling". He just keeps telling you he'll answer your question, if you'll "wait a moment". What a crock! This goes on this way for weeks, until you get so aggravated, you just tell him to go jump off the nearest bridge and leave his stupid, fake site. So, i dunno what this idiot's game is, but he really **bleep** me off, with his avoidance tactics, so, i would recommend steering clear of this cotton-headed imp, he is clearly disturbed. And most definitely, do not try to buy item #273299071408 from him. I dunno why he is playing avoidance games with potential buyers of this item, but, it's clearly a front for something undoubtedly sinister, if he strings actual buyers along, obviously not actually wanting them to purchase anything. 

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Naming and shaming is against forum rules.

If you don't want to buy from someone then just don't.

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