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Where is the money?

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Where is the money?

I transferred £40 from my bank to my paypal account. I know you dont need to have money in there, I was meant to send it to someone but did that by mistake. I didn't mind and just waited for the money to transfer it back into my bank. I did this on the 24th of May, and it is now the 3rd of June and still no money in my paypal balance and it is still processing. However, it was taken out of my bank account on the 27th of May. I've contacted Paypal, and got told it can take 5-7 days...but its now been well over that? Where is my money? what's the issue? • My bank and card are confirmed • Never had this issue
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Re: Where is the money?



You haven't bothered to say what country you are in so I am guessing from the timescale you were given that its the UK as you said 5-7 days but I will correct that and say its 5-7 working days (and we had a BH on Monday as well).

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