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Where is the customer service?

New Community Member

Where is the customer service?

So i guess due to Covid, any kind of helpline is non existent. There is nobody I can talk to on the phone, and the "Message Us" option isnt currently working either. I feel completely in the dark here while my money is locked away. This seems to be my only outlet at this point for I have no idea what else to do! I need help accessing my account within the next couple of days or else my money is refunded to all my customers. I've been trying to access my account for a week now. If anybody on the Paypal team reads this, can you please contact me.


Re: Where is the customer service?

My money is also on hold.i sold my hair extension to friend in usa.parcel is delivered but money is still on hold. I am not a seller its just sale and purchase. Who will resolve the issue? There is no custimer service.