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When will Paypal be open for business?


When will Paypal be open for business?

No one answers the phone or emails. I joined a FB group for help, they are starting a class action law suit because of Paypal's business many accounts are locked up and people have no access to their money. 
I purchased an item on March 2nd and I still haven't received it. I went thru the resolution process with Paypal, but PP decided in favour with the business. So I appealed it. How can you find in favour with a business that is selling online, looks reputable, doesn't send the item and refuses a refund? 
Paypal decided in favour of the seller again, I'm mystified...

I have also been reading that people are being hacked, they are being charged on their PP accounts and no one is available to talk to at PP. We are talking thousands of dollars here, and PP is ignoring their customers. So I cancelled my credit card from my PP, I tried to cancel my bank account too, but the site won't let me.  The screen goes white when I ask to delete account. So now I am vulnerable to hacking...

This is a web based business, there is no reason that they should not be at full operating staffing. I am working as an essential worker 50hrs/week, face to face. 





















I don't trust PP anymore. I used to buy online comfortably and laugh when people would say they didn't trust it!!  Now I'm worried...