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What's buyer protection and chargeback!

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What's buyer protection and chargeback!

I am questioning whether to buy a pair of shoes off a seller. My only fear is of being scammed as it is a large amount of money. I have heard of "chargeback" and "Buyer Protection" but know very little about either. If I pay the seller, and he does not post them, what can I do? Am I 100% guaranteed to get my money back if he doesn't post them? Thank you, Joss

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Re: What's buyer protection and chargeback!



You can open a paypal dispute for non receipt of item OR item received but not as described but NOTHING is ever 100% guarantee so go and read up on Paypals buyer protection in the user agreement so you can risk assess your transaction.


A chargeback is not a Paypal dispute but may be done if your credit card company agree to do so and you fund that Paypal payment via a credit card (always advised in my opinion).

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